Breaking Abstracts Submission is now open.

The Scientific Programme Comittee invites you to submit a breaking abstract to be included in the concurrent session “Late Breaking”, scheduled on Sunday, June 12, 2022 from 10:30-12:00 hrs CEST.

Breaking submission deadline:   April 27, 2022, 23:59 hrs CEST (no extension!)

Notifications about the outcome of the abstract assessment will be sent to all presenting authors on May 16, 2022.

Carefully read through the guidelines below before starting your submission.

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Important information on the selection process of Breaking Abstracts

  • This submission format is not intended for “late abstracts” in case you missed the regular submission deadline, but for your very latest research breakthrough.
  • The SPC will consider a maximum of 6 abstracts of unpublished work (bioRxiv submitted/in press are acceptable) or work published after February 1, 2022 being expected to have a major impact in the field.
  • Accepted talks will be exclusively assigned to the “Late Breaking Abstracts” concurrent session on Sunday, June 12, 2022, at 10:30 hrs CEST. If you are not available on this date, you should not be entered as the presenting author of the paper.
  • If your submission cannot be accepted as a talk in the “Late Breaking” session, it will not be accepted for presentation in a different format at the conference (no hybrid poster or e-poster).
  • Abstracts containing no results will be rejected.
  • Abstracts with the obvious goal of advertising corporate products or services will be rejected.
  • All abstracts are peer-reviewed by the Scientific Programme Committee.
  • For a successful submission you may be presenting author of a hybrid or e-poster, but not of an oral talk in any of the concurrent sessions.
  • The presentation at the meeting will be the condition for the publication of the abstract in the electronic supplement of the European Journal of Human Genetics.

Guidelines for the submission process

Abstract Format

  • You must use the abstract text template. (You can download the abstract template on the submission portal)
  • The abstract text must not exceed 250 words (Grant references and References are included in the 250 word count). Do not include the title and authors.
  • Grant references must be included in the sections “Grants” in the abstract text template.
  • A maximum of 50 authors with 3 institutions per author is allowed. However, the size of the author block must not exceed 3,000 characters.
  • Tables may be included.
  • No graphics are allowed.
  • Remember that you may be the presenting author of a hybrid poster or e-poster, but not of an oral talk in any of the concurrent sessions.
  • Download a sample abstract with instructions

Before you get started…

Download the mandatory abstract text template from the submission portal and type your abstract in it. Please save a copy of the file with the abstract text only (no title or authors). This file can then be used for the file upload, part of the submission process. The upload feature supports and converts tables within the document. Special characters are widely supported.

When entering the submission portal…

You will need an account to be able to submit your abstract. On the home page of the portal you will have 2 options:

  • If you already have an account (due to a previous abstract submission or registration for an ESHG conference), you can use the same email address and password to access the virtual conference platform. In case you cannot retrieve your access data, please use the “request password” option.
    ATTENTION: The login for the abstract submission is not your ESHG member login.
  • If you do not have an account yet, click on “Create account”. Fill in all required fields and save your personal information by clicking “Create Account” in the online form.

How to start the abstract submission…

Once you have logged into the submission portal, you will see the breaking abstract submission button labelled “Breaking Abstract Submission”. Click on the button to start with your abstract submission. When clicking the “Abstract Submission” button you will have 2 options:

  1. Submit an abstract: This option allows you to start with the submission of a completely new abstract. Follow step by step the instructions for submission.
  2. View my abstracts: This option will allow you to complete or edit your abstract drafts as well as to see your submissions. Please note that you will not be able to edit your submitted abstract(s).

At the end of the submission process, you will see a summary in which you may save or print an overview of your abstract. Once you are satisfied with your submitted data you have to click on the “submit” button on this step to complete your submission. After clicking on the “submit” button, you will receive a submission confirmation email. Your abstract should now show as complete in your submission module.

General Information on Breaking Abstract Submission and FAQ

Content – Authors

  • Please note that you may be the presenting author of a hybrid or e-poster, but not of an oral talk in any of the concurrent sessions.
  • Can you submit a paper that has already been presented at another meeting or been published?
    The work must be original/unpublished (submitted to Biorxiv/in press are acceptable) or published/presented after February 1, 2022.
  • Disambiguation of Presenting Author, First Author and Submitter
    Presenting Author is the person who will present the abstract at the conference.
    First Author is usually the person who did the main part of the research in the study. She or he can, but does not necessarily have to be the presenting author.
    Submitter is the person who enters the abstract into the submission system. She or he can, but does not necessarily have to be one of the authors. The system will pre-fill the first author with the contact data of the submitter, but this can of course be amended.

Browser Issues

  • For optimum results when using the Online Submission System, it is recommended that you use one of the following browsers: Google Chrome 33 or higher, Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Mozilla FireFox 16 or higher, Safari 5.0 or higher.

Corrections – Amendments

  • The title of your abstract is displayed in the “View my abstracts” section, together with the information on whether the submission is complete or incomplete. Incomplete submissions (drafts) can be picked up and completed until the deadline.
  • The submission system stores the information in “real time”. The moment you reach the summary within the submission process and clik on the button “submit” your abstract is completed and has been received. You will receive a submission confirmation email. Please make sureto save the submission confirmation email for your records.
  • Please note that submitted abstracts cannot be edited. If you need to make any changes to your submitted abstract, please contact the conference office at Do not submit a new abstract.


  • For support during the submission process, please send an email to or call +43 1 405 13 83 14 between 9.00 – 17.00 hrs CEST.
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