Dear Colleagues,
Dear Friends,

I am honored to invite you to the 55th annual European Human Genetics Conference that will be organized in Vienna, Austria from Saturday June 11 to Tuesday June 14, 2022. I am privileged to be your host in this wonderful city. We all very much look forward to a face-to-face meeting after two consecutive conferences held only in a virtual mode. We will resume the habit of discussing science personally, during regular conference sessions as well as in spontaneous private meetings organized to plan scientific projects and collaborations. Personal contacts are of paramount importance for the growth of science, as well as to cultivate friendship and empathy between scientists. Young investigators will benefit from these interactions and from addressing a real audience. Participation of young geneticists is vital for our Society, not only for the growth of the discipline, but also for the enthusiasm and passion they demonstrate and convey when they give presentations, address queries about their posters, and during informal discussions.

The ESHG Conference has two main scopes: to provide a platform for the dissemination of the most exciting advancements in the field of human genetics and to foster the education of the upcoming generation of human geneticists. Plenary, concurrent, and educational sessions, concurrent symposia, workshops, and poster viewing fill in an exciting program. The Scientific Program Committee (SPC) defines the topics, with the goal to update the audience on emerging concepts, mechanisms, and technologies in human genetics, providing at the same time a broad view on the progress made in the different areas of our discipline. Invited talks are given by world class speakers and best abstracts, many of which submitted by young doctors and scientists, are selected by the SPC for oral presentations. The meeting in Vienna will also allow to make direct contacts between scientists and exhibitors, who will present their new product portfolio, with practical demonstrations, to help you in your clinical or experimental work.
Also, our meeting has become renown for the networking evening, a traditional event where generations intermix and where you can talk to friends – why not, also of science? – in a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition, to a high-quality scientific program, we are confident that also the location of Vienna in the heart of Europe and its many attractions, including historical medical sites and museums, will facilitate a broad participation to the meeting. Last but not least, 2022 will be the year of Gregor Mendel’s birth bicentennial. Brno and other sites in Czechia, linked to Mendel’s life are very close to Vienna. Therefore, those who have time, can take the opportunity to extend their stay to visit these places and learn more about the scientist who is considered the “father of genetics”.

In summary, especially after two years of restrictions, the ESHG meeting is the place to be for those who work in the field of human genetics and for the many followers that this discipline has attracted among clinical and life scientists.

We hope to see you numerous in Vienna!

Maurizio Genuardi
European Society of Human Genetics

Maurizio Genuardi
Maurizio GenuardiPresident of the ESHG