ESHG 2022 goes hybrid

After two successful virtual conferences, it has become clear that geneticists all over the world are eager to be part of the conference regardless of their location. We really want to thank our participants, speakers and presenters for their support and trust!

With this in mind, the European Society of Human Genetics has decided to incorporate online participation in its annual meeting starting with the first ever hybrid ESHG conference in 2022!

What is a hybrid conference?

A hybrid conference is a physical meeting that offers, to both in-person and online participants, the option to access its content fully online. For example, the possibility to watch a live stream of all or some conference sessions in real time, interact with the digital version of the presented posters, and access on-demand content for a period after the conference. All of this through a dedicated virtual conference platform. Participants of a hybrid meeting have the option to participate in the following ways:

  • In-person at the meeting venue
  • Online through a dedicated virtual conference platform
  • Both in-person at the meeting venue and online through the virtual conference platform

What components of the ESHG 2022 Conference will be hybrid?

The aim is to offer the same scientific content to both in-person and online participants as follows:

  • Conference Sessions: We will offer a real time live stream of all sessions that take place during the physical conference. A live Q&A function on the virtual conference platform will enable online participants to ask questions during the sessions. Within 24 hours, all live sessions will be available as on-demand video recordings on the virtual conference platform for all participants.
  • Posters: At the 2022 conference there will be 2 types of poster presentations:
    • Hybrid Posters: These posters will be uploaded as a PDF on the virtual conference platform for online access. Additionally, they will be presented, as a paper poster, during the in-person sessions “Poster viewing with Authors” at the venue. For the “Poster viewing with Authors” sessions, online participation will not be possible.
    • E-Poster: These posters will be uploaded as a PDF on the virtual conference platform for online access. There is no live interaction possible with E-Poster presenters.
    • Both hybrid and digital-only poster presenters, can be contacted through a messaging system found within the respective presenter’s profile on the virtual conference platform.
  • Corporate Satellites: A number of our sponsor will offer live streaming of their in-person corporate satellites through the virtual conference platform.
  • On-demand content: All content will be available for 3 months after the conference for in-person and online participants, through the virtual conference platform.

By offering a hybrid meeting, ESHG is aiming at breaking down borders and bringing top science to geneticists worldwide through a online participation of its conference. This way participants that cannot attend the in-person meeting, for many reasons, will be able to tune in through the dedicated virtual conference and stay up to date with the latest research in the filed of human genetics.

We look forward to welcoming you in-person or online on June 11-14, 2022!