Speaking time

  • Educational Sessions: 45 minutes (including 10 minutes for live discussion)
    Exception: Educational Session E01: 30 minutes (including 5 minutes for live discussion)
  • Concurrent Symposia: 30 minutes (including 5 minutes for live discussion)
  • Concurrent Sessions (incl. “PL 2 | What’s New? Highlight session”): 15 minutes (including 3 minutes for live discussion)
  • Please rehearse your talk to make sure the total audio length does not exceed the allocated speaking time.
  • Remember to allow some time for the changeover of speakers and chairperson’s introduction, and for questions and discussion.
  • Please note that, as a rule, presenters can show a (final) slide with all acknowledgements, however, in view of the short time available, names cannot be read to the audience.

Commercial disclosure information

  • Due to EACCME regulations, authors must disclose possible conflicts of interest on the first slide. An example slide can be found here (pptx file).
  • A conflict of interest is any situation in which a speaker or immediate family members have interests, and those may cause a conflict with the current presentation. Conflicts of interest do not preclude the delivery of the talk, but should be explicitly declared. These may include financial interests (e.g. owning stocks of a related company, having received honoraria, consultancy fees), research interests (research support by grants or otherwise), organisational interests and gifts.
  • If you have nothing to disclose, please state “I have no commercial disclosure” instead of the table.

Presentation details

  • Your talk needs to be pre-recorded and uploaded to the virtual conference portal as an MP4 file that includes your presentation slides, the audio and webcam video within the same file. Please see below for technical details on how to prerecord your presentation.
  • Format: PowerPoint in 16:9 landscape
  • File size: maximum 4 GB
  • File name: presenter’s name and presentation number. The file name is limited to a maximum of 40 characters. To avoid any compatibility problems, please do not use special characters (e.g. «, Ö, Ø, ñ, ε, ®, ý, }, {, etc.).
  • Font size: minimum 20 points for easy viewing recommended
  • Audio and movies: Make sure that all of your audios and videos are embedded.
  • Do not use any passwords or encryption for your presentation file.
  • The official conference language is English. Therefore, all presentations are to be held in English.
  • Being an organisation of genetic experts, ESHG wishes to draw your attention on the correct representation of the DNA Helix in your slides, namely the sense of rotation, which has been frequently wrong in the past. Please see the following picture for a correct representation: DNA Helix-Correct Presentation
  • Note that all sessions and presentations will be live streamed, recorded and converted into on-demand content. On-demand content will be available on the virtual conference platform to registered participants until September 15, 2022.

Presentation recording

Your presentation can be prepared in any presentation system (e.g. PowerPoint or Keynote). The file needs to be exported and uploaded as MP4.

How to record your presentation in PowerPoint
How to record your presentation in Keynote

Presentation upload

  • Deadline: May 23, 2022
  • For the upload Google Chrome and Firefox are recommended.
  • Follow this link and use your email address and personal password to login:
Access Conference Portal
  • Note that only presenters with a completed and paid registration will see a “Presentation Upload” button. Click on it and follow these steps:
    • For better engagement with participants we recommend to complete your profile and upload a photo. However, this is not mandatory.
    • If you want to allow registered participants to send you messages, provide consent under “Permission to be contacted by ESHG participants”. Participants will type the content into a message field which will then be sent to your email. Your email address will never be shown in public.
    • To upload your presentation go to “Content” and click “Start submission”:
      • Accept or decline the terms and conditions.
      • Upload your “.mp4” file (this might take a few minutes).
      • Preview your uploaded file and finish your upload.
    • Until the deadline for your content submission you can go back to the presentation upload module and upload updated files.
  • If you have more than one presentation during the conference, please upload the different presentation files to the according sessions shown under “Content”.
  • All presentations will be loaded into a central presentation handling system that will store and distribute the presentations to the correct session halls on time.

Session format and live Q&A

  • Please note that it is not possible to give your talk live, but you are kindly asked to be present to answer questions from the audience live during your session.
    • Questions will be monitored by the session chairs and will be directed to you at the end of your presentation.
    • In case you are not able to be present during the live session (e.g. because you are in a different time zone), please let us know in advance so that the chairs of your session are aware and can prepare accordingly. It is not necessary to withdraw your presentation in that case. Participants will have the option to address questions to you via a messaging system once your presentation is available as on-demand content (your email address will not be displayed to participants).
  • To access your session for live Q&A you will receive an email with a direct link to your live session on June 9, 2022.
    • Save this link to easily access your live session on your session day.
    • Access the call at least 15 minutes before the start of the session.
    • Your webcam and audio will be broadcasted during the live Q&A.
    • The session chairs will direct questions from the audience (asked verbally onsite or via chat box on the virtual platform) to you by addressing you personally.
    • If needed, a technician will be available during the whole session.
Instructions Live Q&A


Note that your presentation cannot be downloaded by the participants. However, it is possible for registered participants to make photographs or screen shots of your presentation. If you do not wish any scientific content of your presentation to be photographed, please indicate this clearly visible on the according slide(s).

Social Media Policy ESHG 2022

General presentation tips

  • The text on your slides should be concise and to the point, key facts should be highlighted. No more than seven text lines should be used per page. Your guiding principle should be “As much as necessary, as little as possible”.
  • Colours should be used sparingly. Choose colour combinations that make your text easy to read (preferably dark background – light fonts).
  • Keep data on the slides simple.
  • Ensure a logical order of the content, clearly and well-structured.
  • Collect your illustration material well in advance. Refrain from selecting too many images and movies. Concentrate on those which emphasise your key points and conclusions optimally. Avoid overlying images on one slide as they cannot be visualised on the final version of your presentation.
  • Remember that the vast majority of the audience are not native English speakers – speak clearly (whether or not English is your native tongue) and not too fast.

Presentation Certificates

Presentation certificates will be emailed to presenting abstract authors one week after the conference. Please do not request certificates onsite, via phone or email.


For support contact the conference organizing office via email at conference@eshg.org.

Deadline: May 23, 2022
Access conference portal
Instructions live Q&A